127 Easy Steps to Land Ownership


MP3 download of workshop audio from MOSES 2018.

Hannah Breckbill, Tess Brown-Lavoie and Brett Olson
Friday Session III

Discover creative and community-oriented solutions to land access amidst skyrocketing land prices. We’ll share resources for finding land, how to assess the suitability of a piece of land, buying and leasing options, and obtaining financing. We’ll also cover snags to avoid on your path to farmland ownership.

Hannah Breckbill is the founder and co-farmer of Humble Hands Harvest, a diversified vegetable farm in Decorah, Iowa. She is in the process of expanding Humble Hands Harvest to perennial food crops and rotationally pastured livestock.

Tess Brown-Lavoie is the Rhode Island field agent at Land For Good. She also co-runs Sidewalk Ends Farm, coordinates the Justice and Agriculture Working Group, and is vice president on the board of the National Young Farmers Coalition.

Brett Olson is the co-founder and creative director of Renewing the Countryside, a Minnesota nonprofit focused on strengthening rural communities. He provides individualized technical assistance, and designs strategic communication campaigns and publications on issues important to rural America.