Caring for Perennial Fruits on Your Farm or Homestead


MP3 download of workshop audio from MOSES 2020. PowerPoint slides from the presentation may be available for download here.

Workshop Session: Friday III

Not only do we love fresh raspberries in the summer or a tree-ripened apple in the fall, but so do dozens of pests. Learn about the common pests of apples and raspberries, their biology and life cycles, and how you can protect your sweet-tasting fruit using organic-management practices in your backyard or commercial farm.

Rami Aburomia has a certified organic orchard, Atoms to Apples, in Wisconsin. He is on the board of the Organic Fruit Growers Association and teaches at the University of Wisconsin Beginning Apple School.
Peter Werts, project manager for the IPM Institute of North America, has been working with commercial orchards to implement IPM and conservation practices since 2008.