Compost to Scale


Workshop audio recording from the 2017 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

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John Biernbaum and Ellen Polishuk
Friday Session II

Improve production systems and yields, and save money on fertility inputs by composting on your farm. Different scales and scopes of farm operations require different composting methods and strategies. Join two experienced farmer-educators to learn what scale and methods work best in small- to medium-scale farm operations.

John Biernbaum is a professor at Michigan State University, teaching about organic farming, transplant production, compost, and protected cultivation in greenhouses. His research focuses on organic soil and fertility management, use of high tunnels, and vermicomposting of food scraps. He also chairs the MOFFA Board of Directors and education committee.

Ellen Polishuk is a biological vegetable grower, farm consultant and teacher. She is one of three owners of Potomac Vegetable Farms in Virginia, which grows produce for farmers’ markets, a 550-member CSA, and two roadsides stands.