Cottage Food Laws & Collaboration


Workshop audio recording from the 2017 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Rachel Armstrong and Kathy Zeman
Friday Session I

Minnesota recently passed two laws supporting local foods: Safe food sampling at Minnesota farmers’ markets and the Minnesota Cottage Food Law. Learn how both laws impact local farmers, and explore the status of cottage food laws in other Midwest states. Plus, explore the process behind these laws, and how disparate groups joined forces to work for positive change.

Rachel Armstrong is an attorney who founded and directs Farm Commons, a nonprofit legal services organization that helps farmers resolve business legal issues. Her background includes working on farms, managing a community garden, starting a catering company that featured local foods, and running a nonprofit local foods consulting program.

Kathy Zeman is the operations manager for the Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association, a position she took to encourage change in state law related to direct marketing food from her farm. She raises a variety of livestock on her solo operation, Simple Harvest Farm.