Deliciousness: The Science of Meat Flavor


Workshop audio recordings from the 2014 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

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Adam Danforth, Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat and Pork and Butchering Beef
Saturday III – 4 p.m.
Why did that steak taste so good, and why didn’t it the next time I made it? Yearning to re-experience our past pleasures of food is a frequent endeavor of ours, often fraught with frustration and misinformation; few of us understand the variables within the equation that results in deliciousness. In this workshop, learn about the science of meat flavor, from the inverse relationship of tenderness and richness, how chewy connective tissue actually adds to palatability, to the role of fat as a delivery mechanism, and more. Leave with the knowledge of how to pick the best meat and how to treat it properly.