Effective Weed Management


Workshop audio recording from the 2017 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Tom Frantzen and Matt Liebman
Friday Session I

Run ragged by giant ragweed? Hampered by waterhemp? Chagrined by other weeds? Then it’s time to develop and implement a better weed management plan. Learn how biology and ecology form the foundation for durable and effective weed management strategies, and see how simple population dynamics models provide accessible ways to explore your weed management options.

Tom Frantzen and his family have a 320-acre diversified organic farm in Iowa that has been certified organic since 2001. They grow row crops and forages, plus have a brood sow and beef cow herd. Tom and his wife, Irene, were the 2009 MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year.

Matt Liebman is a professor of agronomy at Iowa State University. His focus is on ecological processes to improve farming systems. His specific interests include diversified crop rotations, weed ecology and management, and the use of native prairie species for soil, water, and wildlife conservation and biofuel production.