Farm Liability and Insurance


Workshop audio recording from the 2017 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Rachel Armstrong and Chris Duke
Saturday Session I

Farmers rely on insurance to manage risk, but few feel confident in their policies. Get insights on crop insurance, including the new Whole Farm Revenue Protection, and see typical policies and endorsements to cover liability for customer accidents, employee injuries, agrotourism, value-added and cottage food production, and food safety incidences. Learn to work with your agent, weigh your options, and get real answers for your situation.

Rachel Armstrong is an attorney who founded and directs Farm Commons, a nonprofit legal services organization that helps farmers resolve business legal issues. Her background includes working on farms, managing a community garden, starting a catering company that featured local foods, and running a nonprofit local foods consulting program.

Chris Duke owns Great Oak Farm LLC, a 60-acre farm near Ashland, Wis. He learned through experience to narrow the farm’s focus to about 8 acres of certified organic vegetables and a small flock of about 40 ewes for grass-fed lamb. He also is a founding member of the Bayfield Foods Cooperative.