Finally! Diversified Grower Crop Insurance


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Roxann Brixen, Harriet Behar, and Margaret Krome
Friday 2b

The new Whole Farm Risk Plan, a federally subsidized crop insurance product, could be just what you need in terms of risk protection for your multiple-crop, organic operation. It is designed to work with your past and expected revenue and expenses, and is not held to the same constraints of certain yields or prices as other federal crop insurance products.

Margaret Krome is Policy Program Director for the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wis., where she helps develop state and local programs and national grassroots campaigns. She sits on the board of the National Center for Appropriate Technology, and works to educate farmers about risk management programs that support farm diversification.

Harriet Behar is the senior organic specialist with MOSES. She also serves on the National Organic Standards Board. She has operated a certified organic farm in southern Wisconsin since 1989, producing vegetables, herbs, bedding plants, small grains, and value-added products.

Roxann Brixen has been working in crop insurance for 18 years. She has trained agents, support staff and underwriters on a variety of topics. She lives on a small family farm near Eau Claire, Wis.