Financing and Creative Land Options


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Sheri Houtakker and Holly Rippon-Butler
Friday 3

Farmers across the country are exploring a variety of ways to access land–working with a land trust, partnering with a farmland investor, or securing a long-term ground lease. We will discuss creative strategies as well as financing options through the Farm Service Agency. Learn about the process, including potential obstacles, from application to approval.

Sheri Houtakker has been a loan officer for the USDA Farm Service Agency in Wisconsin for 20+ years, finding creative solutions to help farmers finance the purchase of their farms. She and her husband, Thomas Olthafer, own and operate Shepherd’s Kiva Farm producing grass-fed Shetland sheep.

Holly Rippon-Butler directs the Land Access Program for the National Young Farmers Coalition. She has co-authored a guidebook for farmers on partnering with a land trust and organized two national trainings for land trusts on innovative conservation tools. She farms with her parents on their dairy in upstate New York.