Future of Family Farms


Workshop audio recording from the 2017 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Teresa Opheim and James and LeeAnn Van Der Pol
Friday Session I

A massive transfer of farmland is occurring in the U.S. We’ll showcase farmland owners who have set goals for the future of their farmland and the strategies (such as gifting farmland) they’re using to achieve those goals. The Van Der Pols will share how they’re turning over management and ownership to one of their sons, while providing an inheritance for all of their children.

Teresa Opheim was the executive director of Practical Farmers of Iowa for 10 years, and now works on farm transition issues for PFI and Renewing the Countryside. Her just-published book, The Future of Family Farms, shares the farm legacy stories of more than 25 farm owners.

Jim and LeeAnn Van Der Pol and their family own Pastures A Plenty, a grass-based livestock operation near Kerkhoven, Minn. Three generations currently work together on the farm.