Get the Most out of Animal Manure


Workshop audio recordings from the 2014 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

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Edwin Blosser, Midwest Bio-Systems
Friday III – 4 p.m.
Providing adequate, effective, and economical soil fertility can be a challenge, particularly when growing organic crops. With good planning and the right tools, available resources like animal manure can become a strategic part of a comprehensive organic humus compost based soil fertility program. Producing the humus compost (as opposed to typical compost) is at the heart of this soil fertility program. The plan for achieving clean fields and superior yields in organic production begins with a thorough analysis of the soil, along with the appropriate crop rotation, including the use of cover crops, and a strategy for delivering the mineral and microbial requirements. The combination of humus compost blended with the mineral elements, liquid humus compost extract, and microbial based soil fertility products is the most effective way to achieve the optimum soil fertility program.