GMO in the Know: Rhetoric, Realities, Risks & Reason


Workshop audio recordings from the 2014 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Melinda Hemmelgarn, The Food Sleuth, and
Theresa Podoll, Prairie Road Organic Farm
Friday II – 2 p.m.
You’ve heard all the rhetoric. Farmers, consumers, even health professionals are told that we need genetically engineered crops to feed the world in the face of climate change and growing population. But who really benefits from GMO crops? And what do we have to lose? Are we flirting with ecological thresholds and the loss of ecosystem services? Registered dietitian and host of Food Sleuth Radio, Melinda Hemmelgarn and organic seed farmer Theresa Podoll join forces for a look at the rhetoric and the real risks to public health, our environment, and the future of organic farmers.