Growing Healthy Transplants


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Randy and George Kohn and Amanda Gevens
Friday 3

This session will focus on the identification, prevention, and management of diseases in an organic greenhouse environment to initiate healthy transplant production. We’ll share a farmer’s perspective on greenhouse practices and experiences growing transplants for retail, wholesale, and on-farm use, and a plant pathologist’s work with vegetable crops in Wisconsin. Learn about greenhouse set up and seed sourcing, as well as methods of identifying and managing common diseases through multifaceted approaches.

Randy Kohn and his father, George, own West Star Organics, a retail and wholesale grower/nursery which offers over 220 varieties of certified organic plants including herbs, tomatoes, peppers, vegetables, fruits and flowers. The Kohns’ farm is in Cottage Grove, Wis., just outside Madison.     

Amanda Gevens is an associate professor and Extension plant pathologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she develops integrated and innovative disease management programs for potato and vegetable crops. She edits a weekly newsletter through UW-Extension which offers in-season production guidance for disease and insect control.