Indigenous Farm-to-Table


MP3 download of workshop audio from MOSES 2018.

Rowen White, Heather Drake, and Dan Cornelius
Friday 1:30

Learn about current Native American farm-to-table efforts, including Indigenous seeds, youth education, and the emerging Native culinary movement.

Rowen White heads the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network, which is part of the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance.  A member of the Akwesasne Mohawk Tribe, Rowen also runs Sierra Seed Cooperative. 

Heather Drake is the farm manager for Dream of Wild Health, a non-profit organization in the Minneapolis area that provides on-farm education to Native youth, who sell their produce at local farmers markets and serve a Native dish at Minnesota Twins baseball games.

Dan Cornelius works for the Intertribal Agriculture Council, and is a member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. He provides technical assistance to native farmers and ranchers, including market development and promoting farm-to-table programs.