Integrated Weed Control Innovations


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

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Tom Frantzen
Friday 2a

Frantzen Farm, a 320-acre diverse farm in Iowa, has adapted and successfully employed many innovations to manage weeds. Learn about the farm’s cropping practices and weed management, including tillage sweeps that have suppressed perennial weeds, and a systematic approach to deal with giant ragweed. You’ll see an economical and easy conversion of a front cultivator to accurate cutting discs that run near the row. Learn how the farm’s livestock impact cropping and weed control as well.

Tom Frantzen and his wife, Irene, were the 2009 MOSES Organic Farmers of the year. Their farm includes beef cow and brood sow herds. They market finished cattle and hogs through Organic Prairie. Their farm has been 100% organic since 2002.