Labor on the Diversified Market Farm


Workshop audio recordings from the 2014 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


John Hendrickson and Erin Silva, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Chris McGuire, Two Onion Farm, and Mike Noltnerwyss, Crossroads Community Farm
Saturday III – 4 p.m.
Everyone knows vegetables are labor intensive. But just how do farmers cope with the myriad tasks associated with growing 30 to 50 crops for farmers’ markets and CSA customers? What crops demand the most labor inputs and how does this impact profitability and quality of life? Erin Silva and John Hendrickson from the University of Wisconsin will share data they have collected on farm labor and experienced growers Chris McGuire and Mike Noltnerwyss will join the conversation on how labor demands, labor allocation, profitability, and quality of life can vary based on crop and market diversification, farm scale, and mechanization.