Livestock & Cover Crops: A Winning Combination


MP3 download of workshop audio from MOSES 2020. PowerPoint slides from the presentation may be available for download here.

Workshop Session: Friday III

Cover crops improve soil health and increase soil organic matter. Grazing livestock on cover crops has been shown to accelerate soil-building benefits while providing fertility for the next cash crop. We’ll look at the benefits of this winning combination, and dig into the nuts and bolts of grazing cover crops, especially multi-species mixes.

Brian Pillsbury has been the State Grazing Lands Specialist for USDA-NRCS in Wisconsin for 22 years.
Jen Riemer and her family run a diversified livestock operation in Wisconsin with pastured poultry, hogs, sheep, and cattle.
Marie Raboin works for Dane County Land Conservation Department as a grazing Technical Service Provider, helping producers access government programs and develop grazing plans. She and her husband own Brix Cider, a farm-to-table restaurant and cidery in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.