Map of My Kingdom Performance


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Mary Swander, Teresa Opheim, and actress Elizabeth Thompson
Friday 3

This play tackles the issue of farmland transition and how different families have faced it. Elizabeth Thompson performs the 1-hour play, and author Mary Swander and Teresa Opheim of Practical Farmers of Iowa lead a discussion afterwards about what matters most for your farmland.

Mary Swander, Iowa’s Poet Laureate and  author of over 15 books, wrote “Map of My Kingdom.” She lives in an old Amish one-room schoolhouse and grows most of her own food.

Elizabeth Thompson is an award-winning actor and dancer living in Chicago. She has been on tour with this play for over a year.

Teresa Opheim was the executive director of Practical Farmers of Iowa and now leads the farm transfer program, which includes articles, workshops and more on the importance of farmers documenting their farm’s history, their goals for the future, and the importance of communicating with heirs.