Materials as a Last Resort


Workshop audio recording from the 2017 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Christine Mason and Russell Groves
Friday Session I

Material pest control is the last resort on an organic farm. Learn from an established farm’s Organic System Plan how to control pests using crop rotations, beneficial habitat, trap crops, and harvest timing. How do you attract wasps to eat the flea beetles on your broccoli, and when? Learn how to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to work with insects and the environment and how they can work for you.

Christine Mason has been the farm manager of the Standard Process farm in Palmyra, Wis. for 16 years. Standard Process has 611 acres on which they grow certified organic vegetable and row crops for use in their whole food supplements.

Russell Groves is a professor of entomology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an Extension vegetable specialist specializing in Integrated Pest Management in commercial, fresh market and organic vegetable crop systems. His research also covers applied insect ecology and insecticide resistance management.