Organic Dairy Nutrition with Grazing


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

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Brad Heins and Geoff Brinks
Saturday 1b

Managing nutrition for organic livestock requires dedication and planning. We’ll provide an overview of steps to optimize forage quality and digestibility. Topics will include NDFD, the effects of legumes, grazing management, plus cool- and warm-season pasture species selection. We’ll discuss recent research on forage digestibility and a grazing management plan that incorporates warm-season grass species.

Brad Heins is an assistant professor of organic dairy management at the University of Minnesota’s West Central Research Center in Morris, which has a 110-head herd in a certified organic system, and 140 in a conventional grazing system. His research focuses on best management practices for organic dairy production, management intensive grazing, supplementation strategies, crossbreeding, and group rearing of calves.

Geoff Brink is a research agronomist with USDA-Agricultural Research Service. He works at the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center in Madison, Wis., focusing on management strategies to sustain pasture productivity, quality, and utilization in temperate environments.