Organic Options to Manage SWD


MP3 download of workshop audio from MOSES 2020. PowerPoint slides from the presentation may be available for download here.

Workshop Session: Saturday II

Spotted wing drosophila is a challenging berry pest in the Midwest. While organic sprays are approved for SWD control, an effective long-term strategy requires more innovative solutions such as exclusion netting. We’ll discuss good crop management and harvest practices as well as organic options for managing SWD, and how the use of exclusion netting may change the way we grow berries in the Midwest.

Annie Klodd is a University of Minnesota statewide Extension Educator assisting farmers with fruit and vegetable production issues. She also manages the UMN Fruit and Vegetable Newsletter.
Andy Petran is a small fruit researcher-turned-grower. He conducted research on organic control of spotted wing drosophila while at the University of Minnesota, and now works full-time on his own farm.