Pastured Rabbits with the Coney Garth System


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

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Julie Engel
Friday 2a

Join Julie Engel as she outlines her rabbit system, coined “The Coney Garth” developed through a SARE grant.  She will cover rabbit grazing habits, nutrition on grass, her paddock system, breeding management, kindling, growth and slaughter, and finances.

Julie Engel is the creator of “The Coney Garth,” a method of raising meat rabbits in a cage-free, hare-pen-free, pellet-free, management intensive grazing pasture colony at the Wild Abundance Farm Cooperative in Jefferson, Wis. She received a 2010 SARE grant to refine her system and continues to experiment with pasture settings, recording the effect on rabbit performance.