Rotationally Grazing Sheep


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

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Bonnie Wideman
Saturday 3

There is more than one way to rotationally graze sheep. You might strive for an ideal grazing system, but you’re limited by available resources. Learn about all the practical aspects of rotationally grazing sheep so you can maximize the resources on your farm. Topics include fencing, watering, paddock size, improving pasture, predator control, when to rotate and winter management.

Bonnie Wideman raises sheep and goats at Pine Knob Organic Farm, a 160-acre certified organic farm in southwestern Wisconsin. A former Waldorf class teacher, she was also the director of Midwest Organic Services Association before retiring in 2012. Bonnie has been raising sheep, goats, beef cattle and poultry for 40 years.