Silvopasture Principles & Practices


MP3 download of workshop audio from MOSES 2020. PowerPoint slides from the presentation may be available for download here.

Workshop Session: Saturday I

Silvopasture—livestock, forages, and tree crops carefully integrated—can generate multiple high-value products with minimal off-farm input while enhancing ecological functions. Learn how to convert degraded woodlands or add trees to open pastures to create productive and ecologically valuable silvopasture systems. We’ll cover techniques, timelines, costs, and risks and uncertainties as well as potential benefits, plus research and on-farm experiences with this valuable system.

Peter Allen is an ecologist-turned-farmer from Mastodon Valley Farm, a 220-acre regenerative farm in Wisconsin. His farm produces CBD hemp and premium beef, lamb, pork, and poultry in a permaculture system.
Keefe Keeley co-directs the Savanna Institute, a nonprofit based in Wisconsin laying the groundwork for widespread agroforestry in the Midwest. He leads outreach and education on perennial systems.