Social Justice in Our Food System


Workshop audio recording from the 2017 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Dan Cornelius and Rodrigo Cala
Saturday Session I

Communities in both rural and urban settings struggle with food deserts, food sovereignty, and poor access to healthy food. Some farms and processing facilities create inexpensive products by leveraging the hard work of people who have few alternatives. Learn about these issues, and what we can do to support our neighbors and rebuild a better food system.

Dan Cornelius works for the Intertribal Agriculture Council helping Native producers develop skills and gain access to USDA programs. He manages the council’s Mobile Farmers Market, an innovative project that expands producers’ market access, and increases availability of fresh, healthy, and traditional foods in tribal communities.

Rodrigo Cala immigrated to Minnesota from Mexico in 2004. He trained at Big River Farms, and purchased a farm in Turtle Lake, Wis., with his brother in 2008. Cala Farm Origenes, LLC, sells certified organic produce in the Twin Cities. He also works as a trainer for the Latino Economic Development Center.