Weed Management of Organic Vegetables


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.


Mike Noltnerwyss
Saturday 3

Despite being one of the weediest places in Wisconsin, Crossroads Community Farm grows high yielding crops. Discover the farm’s successful strategies for managing weeds. Learn how equipment and techniques evolved as the farm scaled up from one to 20 acres in production. We’ll cover big ideas in weed control along with details on specific crops.

Mike Noltnerwyss and his wife, Cassie, run Crossroads Community Farm just west of Madison, Wis. They produce over 50 different vegetables (and at least as many weeds) on about 25 acres. 2016 will be their 12th season. They market through a 350-member CSA, a farmers’ market and direct wholesale in Madison.