What’s Killing My Vegetables?


MP3 download of workshop audio from MOSES 2018.

Zsofia Szendrei and Mary Hausbeck
Friday Session II

Managing plant diseases and insect pests on organic vegetable farms requires an ability to correctly identify the problem and find an effective solution to manage it. We’ll cover the most important pests in organic vegetables and the tools you can use to proactively manage diseases and insects on your organic farm.

Zsofia Szendrei is an associate professor and the vegetable entomologist at Michigan State University. She helps vegetable growers find sustainable management solutions for insect pest issues.

Mary Hausbeck is a university distinguished professor and extension specialist at Michigan State University. She has statewide extension and research responsibilities in the plant pathology of vegetables, greenhouse ornamentals, ginseng, and hops. She aims to develop integrated disease management strategies for growers.