Winter Care & Feeding of Rotationally Grazed Cattle


Workshop audio recording from the 2016 MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

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Luverne and Mary Jo Forbord
Friday 2b

Winter is a challenging season for graziers and grazing cattle, but with planning and preparation, wintering cattle outside works—we’ve been doing it in Western Minnesota since 2002. Learn successful strategies for winter care and feeding, including ways to extend the pasture season further than you ever thought you could.

Luverne and Mary Jo Forbord own and operate Prairie Horizons Farm near Starbuck, Minn. They rotationally graze Lowline Angus cattle on certified organic pastures and native prairie without antibiotics, hormones, or grain feed. Their farm also produces certified organic grains and legumes, new and heritage fruit and vegetable varieties, and medicinal plants. Mary Jo is an award-winning registered dietitian, and currently serves as the Healthy Eating Coordinator at the University of Minnesota-Morris.